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Rules & Policies

Family Rental, not a Party Rental

Our family loves going to this house too, so if your looking for a place to party on the beach, this is not the place.  We encourage families looking for a relaxing vacation.    The HOA enforces a strict 10pm to 10am quiet hours.  Too many complaints from the HOA may result in an early departure with no refund.   No we won't rent out for weddings.  Maximum occupancy is 8.

Summer Months (June - Aug)

This is our high season so we only rent out  our house for 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday.  We choose Saturday as the boarder tends to be a bit lighter on Saturday mornings vs. other times.  However remember that San Ysidro is the boarder in the United States.


Internet is a challenge in our area as we are at the edge of DSL limits from the telephone company.  We do provide it but it's not the fastest and its know to have issues when there is a lot of moisture in the air.  (raining or low fog) 


We don't have running water to the house, like all of the other houses in the community.  Instead we have a tank and pump in the basement which provides water to the whole house.  If the power goes out, which it does, there will be no water.  Power outages are infrequent and are usually during storms.  However they do occur.